After a while, we are finally updated to 1.8! Here is some information about the update.

Will the world be reset?

As you’re probably aware, the world has not been reset. We will most likely be resetting the world at a later point, where moving of buildings will be available. As for the new blocks, we have crafting recipes for the new stone types. Here’s how it works.

To make granite, put cobblestone in a workbench.

To make diorite, put granite in a workbench.

To make andesite, put diorite in a workbench.

As for the lantern/ocean monument blocks, those are available in the shop at /warp shop.

Other changes

Be careful about using armor stands. They are not logged by our logging plugin yet, and if someone griefs yours we can’t check who did it. They will not be protected by towns either. The reason for this is that armor stands are entities, and are difficult for plugins to log.

If you are having issues removing armor stands, try double clicking it.

Voting has been changed slightly, the money reward now gives you double the amount (from $150 to $300) and you can get the chance of earning in game play time (10mins) as well as lapis lazuli!

That’s it for now, hope you enjoy playing! 🙂