Hello there!

For all those players that are interested in the server developments I have made this blog post to keep you updated on what is new to the server and what we the staff are working on.

August 12th
– Removed treeassist due to lag issues for the time being, looking for a fix.
– Kiweh has added a few new pets for donators to see more details check out the following blog here

August 14th
– DFood has added a new rank ‘Legend‘ do ‘/Legend‘ in game to find out more infomation
– Kiweh has added infomation commands for the custom recipes ‘rum‘ and ‘redwine‘ do ‘/rum‘ and ‘/redwine‘ in game to find out more infomation about them.

August 16th
– DFood has added a plugin called banvote for rank Thug + this allows them to use /mutevote and /kickvote (The reason is obligatory) anyone caught abusing this will loose permissions to this plugin.
– The layout of /list has been changed.

August 26th
– Kiweh altered the colour of Welcome broadcast.
– Kiweh added 4 steak to the inventories of players that are new to the server.