A Minecraft Server!


I am one of the founders of CrypticCraft.

Important changes: Claims, sign locking

Hey! We’ve made a few changes to the server, most notably: MCTowns is no longer in use (due to hardly being used), and has been replaced by GriefPrevention, which may suit our players more. Signs will no longer lock automatically. This is because the shops would not work with locked signs, and a lot of them would be broken. If you need a locked sign (for example to claim a.. Read More

Minecraft 1.10

After some down time, we’ve finally updated the server to Minecraft 1.10 and are ready for the map reset! This has been a long time coming, due to many changes to plugin configurations and such, in addition to there being real life things happening for the staff, hindering the upgrade. New features: New rank names (still the same timed tiers so you’ll effectively be the same rank) New spawn (including.. Read More

A whole new world

A few days ago, it was our third anniversary! To celebrate, we’re announcing this and also that you can get 25% off any donator rank! Just use the code 3YEARS at checkout. You can do this until the 31st of May. Now that 1.9 has been out for a bit and Spigot/plugin support has stabilised a bit, it’s time to reveal what we’ve been working on for a while –.. Read More

Minecraft 1.9

As usual with these big updates, we will be waiting quite a while for Spigot and our plugins to update so everything works smoothly. We don’t know how long this will take, probably a few months as Mojang releases bugfixes and those are integrated with Spigot. In the meantime, please don’t keep asking the staff when we update – we’ll update when we update.   If your Minecraft has automatically.. Read More

A(nother) change of hosts

Hey, as you may or may not have noticed we had some downtime today. We’ve been moving our server to a new, more reliable host which should help a lot with our lag issues. If you are still experiencing lag, please make a post in the forums or ask a staff on the server 🙂   We also changed our official IP address to just crypticcraft.eu, which can be used to.. Read More

Two-Year Anniversary!

Two years ago, on the 22nd of April, the server was founded. We’re celebrating by having a 20% discount on any donator rank until the end of this month! Use the code PHARAOH on checkout to get your discount. To buy a rank, go to http://crypticraft.buycraft.net/ or do /buy in-game.

PSA: Name changing and you

Today, Mojang made name changing available for all. It’s great, but it causes a few problems with a plugin we use for locking chests and other blocks, LWC. If you placed a chest or other that autolocked before we updated our version of LWC, it will be locked to your old username. This means that if you change your name you won’t have access to those blocks. Staff can remove.. Read More

1.8 update!

After a while, we are finally updated to 1.8! Here is some information about the update. Will the world be reset? As you’re probably aware, the world has not been reset. We will most likely be resetting the world at a later point, where moving of buildings will be available. As for the new blocks, we have crafting recipes for the new stone types. Here’s how it works. To make.. Read More