A Minecraft Server!


I am one of the three Founders of CrypticCraft. If you need any help feel free to send me a mail on the server.

Donation Game Giveaway!

Hello everyone! The server staff have been working on plans to start a game give away for the donators who donate their money to the server to help us with upkeep, which we are extremely grateful for and as a thank you we would like to give away a game each month to a random player that has donated that month. To make it fair everyone who has donated in.. Read More

Down Time

Greetings everyone, Some good but also bad news, the server will have to be down for some time so we can copy all the files we need over for the new map. We will try to make this progress as fast as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience. Looking forward to seeing you all in 1.10! Kind regards, CrypticCraft Staff

Recent News!

Hello there, As some of you are aware, there has been a slight issue with players that have purchased ranks at Grand Master rank and then not been able to rank up to Legend. So to fix this issue I have added a RankSign in the Captains Quarters on the ship where you can go back down to Grand Master rank if you wish to become Legend rank. There has.. Read More

Moving hosts

Hello CrypticCraft members, Kiweh here, me and DFood have just found out that the servers current host is closing down between October 21st and November 1st. What does this mean? Basically this means that we need to find a new host and start moving the server over. In the next few days there could possibly be a few hiccups due to moving and probably some downtime until we get it.. Read More


Hello there! For all those players that are interested in the server developments I have made this blog post to keep you updated on what is new to the server and what we the staff are working on. August 12th – Removed treeassist due to lag issues for the time being, looking for a fix. – Kiweh has added a few new pets for donators to see more details check.. Read More

New Donator Perks!

Staff have been working on adding a new perks for the helpful players who donate to keep the server up and running! Depending on which rank you purchase you get a certain reduction on cool downs for mcMMO abilities. Donator abilities are halved, VIP abilities are quartered and Sponsor/Premium abilities are thirded. We have added a plugin which allows you to have pet which will follow you around in game, they are protected.. Read More