The information on this site relates to the beta version of CrypticCraft. All the information here is subject to change.


We are now in beta on 1.17.1! Log in to to check it out. If you have questions they may be answered below. If not, we’re available on Discord or on the server itself.

When are you leaving beta?

We will leave beta at some point after 1.18 releases, favouring stability for the server as well as the plugins installed on it.

What will happen with the world generation changes in 1.18?

When 1.18 comes out, we will do a map reset to enjoy the new world generation changes, and all beta players will be able to move anything they’ve built over from the 1.17 map at no cost.

Why beta?

It has been a long time since any major activity on the server, and we wanted to get things up and running at a point where we could still tweak how things work, as well as being more receptive to community suggestions to shape the server into a place that is the most fun for the community.

I’ve found a bug/I have a suggestion

Great! Feel free to contact us on Discord, or send an email to