A Minecraft Server!


Hello there! For all those players that are interested in the server developments I have made this blog post to keep you updated on what is new to the server and what we the staff are working on. August 12th – Removed treeassist due to lag issues for the time being, looking for a fix. – Kiweh has added a few new pets for donators to see more details check.. Read More

Two-Year Anniversary!

Two years ago, on the 22nd of April, the server was founded. We’re celebrating by having a 20% discount on any donator rank until the end of this month! Use the code PHARAOH on checkout to get your discount. To buy a rank, go to http://crypticraft.buycraft.net/ or do /buy in-game.

New Donator Perks!

Staff have been working on adding a new perks for the helpful players who donate to keep the server up and running! Depending on which rank you purchase you get a certain reduction on cool downs for mcMMO abilities. Donator abilities are halved, VIP abilities are quartered and Sponsor/Premium abilities are thirded. We have added a plugin which allows you to have pet which will follow you around in game, they are protected.. Read More

PSA: Name changing and you

Today, Mojang made name changing available for all. It’s great, but it causes a few problems with a plugin we use for locking chests and other blocks, LWC. If you placed a chest or other that autolocked before we updated our version of LWC, it will be locked to your old username. This means that if you change your name you won’t have access to those blocks. Staff can remove.. Read More

1.8 update!

After a while, we are finally updated to 1.8! Here is some information about the update. Will the world be reset? As you’re probably aware, the world has not been reset. We will most likely be resetting the world at a later point, where moving of buildings will be available. As for the new blocks, we have crafting recipes for the new stone types. Here’s how it works. To make.. Read More