We’ve made a few changes to the server, most notably:

  • MCTowns is no longer in use (due to hardly being used), and has been replaced by GriefPrevention, which may suit our players more.
  • Signs will no longer lock automatically. This is because the shops would not work with locked signs, and a lot of them would be broken. If you need a locked sign (for example to claim a spawner you found), simply use /lock and punch the sign. All other blocks will lock normally.

A block (rather, a column of blocks) in GriefPrevention is set to cost $45 in-game currency. This is to approximately mirror our previous $3000 per chunk town cost, and may change in the future. You can sell a block for $20.

How to use:

Buy blocks from the server with /buyclaimblocks <amount>. You’ll get your selected amount of blocks, and you can check you

You can sell blocks back to the server with /sellclaimblocks <amount>.

To protect something, use a golden shovel. Right click on the first corner of the protection you want to make. A marker will show up (this is temporary). Now, right click the other corner and if the protection meetsĀ  the requirements the protection will have been created!

To delete a claim and get the claim blocks back, stand in your claim and do /abandonclaim.

You can add a player to a claim so they can build using /trust <playername>, and do the opposite with /untrust.