After some down time, we’ve finally updated the server to Minecraft 1.10 and are ready for the map reset! This has been a long time coming, due to many changes to plugin configurations and such, in addition to there being real life things happening for the staff, hindering the upgrade.

New features:

  • New rank names (still the same timed tiers so you’ll effectively be the same rank)
  • New spawn (including new town hub and market)
  • We have a town for new players, Noob Town made by TC, check it out at /warp noobtown!
  • Random teleport. At /warp wild you can head to the building with the orange beacon to teleport to a random location in the new world!
  • New town plugin (MCTowns).
  • New shop plugin! This is a lot easier to use now, we will put up a guide for this soon. In the meantime staff can explain it to you.
  • New animal protection plugin. You can now use /tprot add <username> to add someone to your horse to let them ride it but still not kill it! You need to right click the animal first to convert it to the new system.
  • Sitting! Right click on a stair with an empty hand to sit on it.
  • Of course, all the new features that comes with 1.9 and 1.10.
  • New voting system after you have voted 65 times you will receive a Copper key, every 85 votes you will get a Silver key, every 100 votes you will get a Gold key and every 120 votes you will get a Diamond key. You can use these keys to open treasure chests at /warp chests which contain prizes. From a Copper chest you can get 101 different items including a Silver key. From a Silver chest you can get 51 different items including a Gold key which contains 18 different items including a Diamond key which contains 18 items. (NOTE: The better the key the better the prizes).

Still in progress:

  • The pet plugin is in development, so we need to wait for that to be finished to be able to add it to the server.
  • The arenas are not set up yet, but the staff are on it.

So now what?

Like we explained in a previous blog post, the old map will be running alongside the new map for three months for people to have things moved over. You will not be able to build anything in the old map, and mobs won’t spawn there. Your /homes should still work, and the old warps are now prefixed with old, so if you want to go to the old warp wild it’s /warp oldwild. To move things over to the new map, you pay a one-time fee of $30000 to move anything you want over ($10000 if you just want to move chests). If you already had a town hub portal or market spot, these can be moved over for free.

Old town owners, you can now use /simpletowns unclaim on your old towns to receive $3000 per chunk (the price is the same in the new plugin), for making towns on the new map.

The Elytra can be crafted by Consorts now (recipe at /warp recipes), or bought by anyone for $100000 in /warp shop.

We hope you enjoy all the changes, and apologise for any rough edges that might appear in the new configuration.