As usual with these big updates, we will be waiting quite a while for Spigot and our plugins to update so everything works smoothly. We don’t know how long this will take, probably a few months as Mojang releases bugfixes and those are integrated with Spigot.

In the meantime, please don’t keep asking the staff when we update – we’ll update when we update.


If your Minecraft has automatically updated you to 1.9, and it says that the server is outdated, you need to create a new profile for 1.8.9 to play on CrypticCraft. To do this, open the launcher, press the “New Profile” button in the bottom left, you’ll get this window.


The most important part here is to select “release 1.8.9” in the “Use version” dropdown menu. Then you can name the profile anything you want and press Save Profile. Now you’ll get two options in the Profile dropdown in the launcher. To play on CrypticCraft, set this to the profile you just created, then if you want to play 1.9 again later you can change back easily 🙂


Sorry for the inconvenience!