Today, Mojang made name changing available for all. It’s great, but it causes a few problems with a plugin we use for locking chests and other blocks, LWC. If you placed a chest or other that autolocked before we updated our version of LWC, it will be locked to your old username. This means that if you change your name you won’t have access to those blocks. Staff can remove all locks from a username so you can relock them yourself.

If you joined after we updated to 1.8, you shouldn’t have to worry. All new LWC protections will already be locked with your unique identifier (UUID) so that even if you change your name you should be able to access your blocks 🙂

Sorry for this inconvenience, we have found no good way to convert the locked blocks to UUIDs so this is the method we will have to use. Thanks for your time, enjoy playing on CrypticCraft!