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    Hello my name is Sgt_Flash. I have joined this smp server on 6/6/2015. During my time i have played over 2 hours with my friend MrEpic424 on your server. Also during my time i have gained over 10 diamond and I have been accused of x-raying. The reason for gaining these diamonds is that i have been mining for the straight last 1 and a half hours. I have also found a mine shaft with diamonds in the chests.


    I am aware you found a mine shaft as I watched you mine straight down to it. I also watched you mine straight down to a mine shaft chest. You have also got 6 pages of diamond logs in 2 hours 40 min play time (the first log was 3.95 hours ago and the last before I banned you). I and another member of staff checked through these logs and at the locations of where you obtained these logs you have mined directly to them yet you say you don’t xray? and your friend said you’re just lucky. Tell me how you can just randomly mine right into diamond like that without an xray pack or resource pack. Please bear in mind lying to me will just make this worse as I am somewhat an expert in detecting xrayers as I have around 5 years experinece in being staff.

    Quoting this “I have also found a mine shaft with diamonds in the chests.” I checked your logs taking diamonds from chests in the past 3 hours and the only log was taking a diamond from a chest at your home.

    I also like the fact that both you and your friend only mined iron and diamond but left other useful resources like coal, lapis, redstone and gold.

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