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    Hi my name is Fruitsicle but you may have known me as MLGPro5545
    I have been banned about a year ago and I found out like today. I haven’t been on in a while
    According to the ban i was banned because of Griefing even though i i replant crops and what not and never stole
    I was banned on 2/19/16 by TardisChick
    According to my friend I had his bow which was op when i didn’t the bow i had on me was my Bow and i should know trying to remeber back it had Power 4 and Flame and it took a lot of my levels trying to get that bow and i simply get banned because my friend wanted it. I know this seems over due but i just found out today. Pr3h1stor1c claimed i stole his bow when I did sorry for the inconvenience
    Have a nice day

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    Sorry but my username when I got banned was CriticalReality


    I wouldn’t have tagged the ban as griefing if it wasn’t. However, since it was so long ago and there are no logs on it any more, I suppose it’s kind of forgotten in the servers’ eyes (and in mine). So you’re unbanned, just know we’ll be keeping a close eye.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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