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    Your In Game Name (MC Name): MissionCow
    When You Was Banned: Yesterday (august 12, 2015)
    Why You Was Banned: Griefing
    Who Banned You: TardisChick
    Why Should You Be Unbanned: I had really great friends on that server. I had a house and a lot of items. I was doing great. I’ve definitely learned my lesson. I want to play on that server again. It was my favorite from the start. I had never met such a great community on an MC server. I would be so grateful if I was unbanned so I could keep playing, but if not, I understand. I griefed. I was bad.

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    You claim that you “learned your lesson” but nothing suggests to me that you did. You knew that griefing was against the rules – obviously – and the way you griefed couldn’t be considered unintentional: it was a deliberate attempt to rile someone up and cause harm to their belongings/property (evidenced by the scale of the griefing and the hella mature sign saying “LOLOLOLOL”…). You’ll remain banned.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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