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    hi, im cat and i wanted to tell you guys what happened.
    i logged on and i was at my house that i created months ago (hadnt been online since) i was walking around and i saw a pretty diamond house with no door, i entered and i tried to open the chest. it did. on the server i usually play on, there are claims, so if someone tries to open your chest or greif your house, they cant. i took my pickaxe and broke a block. i thought, well, someone either forgot to claim this or unclaim it. so i took a few of the blocks. someone told me you couldnt take things from other people’s chests, so i put the stuff i took from the chest back and i left. a mod went to the house and realised i had greifed. that mod called me a stupid cunt and banned me. if anyone takes the time to read this, thank you.



    First of all did you not even read the rule book? it tells you griefing and stealing isn’t allowed on our server. I have spoken to the mod who banned you and you pretty much acknowledged you griefed when they confronted you they recall that you didn’t even try to refute it and you didn’t even apologise or fix what you broke and return the items you stole to the chest so they banned you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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