Like the server and want to earn ingame cash? Then feel free to vote on all the sites below.
You can get the chance to earn ingame cash, emerald, iron, lapis lazuli, iron, steak and even play time! 🙂
After every 25 and 55, votes you will earn special rewards! NEW: Every 65, 85, 120 and 140 votes you will get special keys that unlock treasure chests located at /warp chests (NOTE: The better the key the better the prizes).

Bronze Chests contain items such as; all wool, redstone and horse armour (Total of 100 rewards). Silver Chests contain items such as; all clay, ores and stained glass (Total of 50 rewards). Gold Chests contain items such as; diamond tools, diamond/iron/gold blocks and monster skulls (Total of 18 rewards). Diamond Chests contains items such as; spawn eggs (non hostile mobs), slime block and sea lantern (Total of 22 rewards). NOTE: Using spawn eggs to change spawners will caused you to be banned.

1. Planet Minecraft
2. Minestatus (site being revamped)
3. Minecraft Server List
4. MC-Index
7. TopG
9. (site being revamped)