About the server

CrypticCraft was founded on the 22nd April 2013 by Kiweh, xTempestx11 and DFood. Our mission is to make a server that can provide the best PVE experience possible. Over time we have gained an amazing community of people from all over the world.


We provide the best plugins we know of to give our players the best possible PvE experience. Our plugins include LWC, Jobs, mcMMO, Chest Shop, PVP & Mob Arenas, Spleef, Horse Racing and Tree Assist.

Ranks and donations

All donations are appreciated. Please take a look at the different donation packages below – if your feeling generous why not help us! All donations are of course only used for keeping the server up. All donations are handled via BuyCraft / PayPal – You can also use the /buy command in game or just click here!

Grand Master’s can now purchase special ranks with in game cash. The new ranks all have their own special perks and are located on the spawn ship in Captain Olaf’s cabin. We’re also working on a few more that will be coming soon!

Stowaway – Default Rank Swabie – Acquire by finding password in rulebook  Sword Sharpener – Acquired by playing for 5 hours Cabin Mate – Acquired by playing for 15 hours  Deckhand – Acquired by playing for 25 hours
Lookout – Acquired by playing for 40 hours Cannon Loader – Acquired by playing for 55 hours First Mate – Acquired by playing for 70 hours Captain – Acquired by playing for 85 hours Thug – Acquired by playing for 100 hours
Hijacker – Acquired by playing for 115 hours  Corsair – Acquired by playing for 130 hours  Pirate – Acquired by playing for 145 hours Raider – Acquired by playing for 160 hours Swashbuckler – Acquired by playing for 175 hours
Buccaneer – Acquired by playing for 190 hours Pirate King – Acquired by playing for 205 hours Grand Master – Acquired by playing for 220 hours


Donator Perks: /feed, /hat, /fly, nick (no colour), /fix with non enhanted items and 12 homes Price: €5 for 30 days
VIP Perks: Same as Donator plus /god, coloured nick and 15 homes Price: €10.00 for 30 days
Sponsor  Perks: For three months. Cheaper than VIP and includes 20 homes! Price: €20 for 90 days
Premium  Perks: Lasts for one year. Same price as Sponsor, gives what Sponsor has + unlimited homes! Price: €80 for 1 year


We have a Teamspeak channel. To connect, use crypticcraft.eu as your server address, then ask a staff member to give you permission to join the channel. To join the channel you need to put in a password (same as the password in the rulebook on the server) and then you are good to go!