These are the rules for playing on the server. What constitutes breaking a rule is up to staff. They are fairly simple, but you are expected to have read them and keep them in mind when playing. We always appreciate reports of rule breaking if you find it.


The rules boil down to these points. There is more detail below if something is unclear. Our staff can interpret the rules as they see them, and take action as they see fit.

Hover over or click this link to see the command you need to run to access the server. Type it in chat to be able to get out of spawn.


If something is unclear, we invite you to read the relevant section below. If you want more details, feel free to contact us.


Punishments will be based on the severity of the offense, which will be judged by the relevant staff at the time. For bans, we prefer to use permanent ones, which you can appeal.


As an addition to this rule, generally it’s OK to use someone’s farm as long as you replant crops/breed animals to replace what you’ve taken.


Our rule against ruining the landscape is to avoid people randomly digging large areas to gain levels for mcMMO or Jobs. It only serves to make the world worse to explore. If you need to clear out a large area for a project, that is no problem, of course.

Offensive builds

What we mean by this is building things like swastikas, penises, etc. Again, use common sense. Smaller ones will be removed and discussed with the person responsible.

Distance to others

As this is a survival server, you can find a place in the wilderness to build, as long as it isn’t too infringing on someone else’s property. There is no specific number of blocks for this, as it’ll depend on the landscape. Use common sense, and if you’re not sure, it doesn’t hurt to ask either the person or staff.

AFK farms

Because our rank system is timing-based, we have an inactivity timer that will kick people from idling on the server for too long. If you build a contraption to avoid this system, it will be removed and you will be warned. Repeated offenses will result in a ban.


By this, we mean: Don’t beg other players or staff for items. Trading is allowed, of course, but don’t expect special treatment from everyone.

Staff will not give you any of these if you ask (no, not even if you claim you’re from Planet Minecraft, don’t bother):